November links

The last Friday of each month, I present a small and arbitrary selection of links that will hopefully be useful or interesting to the minor mogul. To suggest a link for December, please email me.

  • Learn how to market your independent movie

    We live in amazing times. These days, almost anyone with a middle-class income can make a movie, and new distribution venues give you more ways than ever to get your movie seen. Unfortunately, it’s never been so hard to get your movie to stand out from all the other ones out there. The days of “If you build it, they will come,” are long over; you have to expend effort to attract attention to your movie. Marcus Taylor gives us some marketing tips. Learn more »

  • Get grants for your project

    Scraping together funding for our projects is, alas, a major duty for the independent creator. Grants can be one source of funds. Oakley Anderson-Moore compiles a list of grants for movie-makers. Most, of course, are USAnian, but there are some for residents of other nations. Learn more »

  • Read the funniest screenplays

    The Writers Guild of America has chosen “The 101 Funniest Screenplays”. Given how subjective comedy is, there are probably a few that you’ll argue with, but it’s a good idea for the comedy writer to read and watch these. Learn more »

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