October links

The last Friday of each month, I present a small and arbitrary selection of links that will hopefully be useful or interesting to the minor mogul. To suggest a link for November, please email me.

  • Write a screenplay in 30 days

    You’ve perhaps heard of NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month &mdash: the idea is to write the first draft of a novel in 30 days. Scott Myers hosts a screenplay-writing equivalent: Zero Draft Thirty. Write a first draft of a screenplay in 30 days! Learn more »

  • Succeed in your crowdfunding campaign

    Who hasn’t thought about mounting a crowdfunding campaign to acquire the funds to make a movie? But the days of “If you build it, they will come,” are long gone — if they ever were. Indiegogo has collected some stats from 100,000 campaigns to find common features of the most successful ones. Learn more »

  • Make a living making movies?

    William Dickerson asks, “How Can Middle-Class Filmmakers Make a Living?”. The answer: you can’t; I think we already knew that. But, just as with the struggle for social justice, just because we’ve lost doesn’t mean we stop fighting! Learn more »

  • Creators needs mid-budget movies

    Many of the medium’s best creators built their careers on mid-budget movies. They told stories that were small or quirky, and might not appeal to a mass audience, but many of these movies became major or minor classics. Today, Hollywood studios bet on huge-budget franchises and ultra-low-budget indies, and nothing in between. Jason Bailey thinks this is a bad thing. Learn more »

  • Watch some feminist movies

    As creators ourselves, we should watch lots of movies from lots of viewpoints. Here’s a list of small-budget movies with big feminist themes. Learn more »

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