March links

The first Friday of each month, I present a small and arbitrary selection of links that will hopefully be useful or interesting to the minor mogul. To suggest a link for April, please email me.

  • Win 50 grand to make a movie

    The Music Bed sponsors the “Musicbed Film Initiative” competition. Entrants submit a description of a movie project — narrative or documentary, short of feature-length — for a chance to win help in making their movies. The top prize is $40,000 in cash and gear from such sponsors as Freefly, Westcott, Zacuto, and others; the two runner-up prizes are $5,000 in gear credits. The deadline is April 4. Apply »

  • Get mentored in a screenwriting lab

    The Whistler Film Festival and the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters co-sponsor the “WFF Praxis Screenwriters’ Lab”. They accept six screenwrights from across Canada for a feature-script development programme designed to analyze the writer’s intentions, rethink script-to-screen strategies, and chart a course for eventual production. The deadline for applications is April 15. Apply »

  • Use Røde gear, win more gear

    For the third year, Røde Microphones and its partners sponsor “My Røde Reel”, their international short-movie competition. Entrants create an original short movie of between 60 seconds and three minutes in length — and include a behind-the-scenes video showing a Røde microphone or accessory in use. Prizes include gear from Adobe, Blackmagic, Kessler, and others. The deadline is June 1. Apply »